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Trikatu Powder-Ginger-Long Pepper-Black Pepper -100g Pouch

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Herbal Supplement Range

Trikatu Powder-Ginger-Long Pepper-Black Pepper -100g Pouch

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TRIKATU is A spicy blend of three great spices-Ginger, Long Pepper and Black Pepper called Trikatu - the three pungents - a warming influence on the body. It helps Kapha Balance, to mobilise congestion, open up our channels of flow and communication in the body- called - Shrota. Trikatu stimulates Digestion, helps bowel movement, and helpful adjunct to your weight loss programme, sugar control, water retention management. It can cause acidity in the stomach so best to drink with fat free milk or soya/almond/coconut /rice milk. 

Trikatu - Ginger, black pepper and long pepper spices support Detox and Digestion - vital for our wellbeing and energy!

Long pepper is particularly supports clear breathing, and all the three spices help clear your head in colds and flus and after a long day!

Made from three powerful Energising Spices which invigorate you and revive you from lethargy, Trikatu powder is an essential home support for colds , coughs and flus, mild headaches, aches and pains.

How to take

Add 1/4 to half teaspoon to 250ml - on mugful- of freshly boiled hot water and stir well. Squeeze half a fresh lemon juice to the herb infusion and stir. Add a teaspoon of honey. 

Or add 1/4 teaspoon to a glass of boiled milk - normal milk or plant-based milk like rice, coconut, soya or almond milk. For extra immunity boost- add turmeric powder!


Ginger root powder, Black pepper powder, Long pepper powder.

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Key benefits

Ginger supports normal digestion, respiration, energy. Ginger is also said to be good for aches and pains.

Black pepper supports digestion, and soothes with colds and sore throats when taken with honey. 

Long pepper is a special spice which supports normal breathing in colds coughs and wheeziness. 


-  100g powder in self seal pouch.

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