Dr. Milind and Asmita Jani are a unique husband and wife team — a modern holistic GP and a qualified Ayurvedic Doctor who first pioneered the practice and awareness of Ayurvedic medicine as a personal wellbeing lifestyle and complementary medicine in the UK in 1985. They were the first to set up an Ayurvedic and Panchakarma clinic in Brighton and Hove (UK) in 1987.

Since then, the couple introduced Ayurveda into yoga teacher training in 1992, working with yoga teachers, and have extensively practiced, trained, lectured and written about how Ayurveda can be integrated into a more effective holistic healthcare in the UK, help everyone in the West to maintain personal wellness, and empower the individual to take control of their own mental, emotional and physical wellbeing on a daily basis. The BBC made a documentary, “Hindu Health Check,” on their valuable work in 2009, which can be watched here.

“Once we have learned about the natural strength in herbs and foods to rebalance, digest, detox and rejuvenate, we can live a long healthy and fulfilling life. My advice from personal experience is to learn more about these rejuvenating herbs and ingredients for their strength in aligning inner balance and outer radiance and make them part of our daily routine.”

D R   A S M I T A   J A N I

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