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For those who want to dive deeper into the overall health benefits of Ayurveda, one might suggest learning more about it's rituals and practices. It plays an essential role in keeping us in a healthy and peaceful state by encouraging daily routines into our lives designed to bring us balance and optimum health. Our modern lifestyles often come with responsibilities and expectations that at times lift us up, but often leave us feeling exhausted and off-balance. We live in the day-and-age where our bodies are persistently worn out and in dire need of restoration, which is why so many of us often turn to yoga. Yoga, along with the ancient practice Ayurveda aid us to become better versions of ourselves by incorporating things like proper nourishment, a healthy diet, self-care and hygienic practices, beneficial physical activity and more.

Here are 10 Ayurvedic rituals you can start incorporating into your Dincharya (daily-routine) to feel happy, healthy and fulfilled:

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