Herbal Supplement Range

Rasayan Churna- Amla-Guduchui-Gokshur-100g Pouch Immunity-Eyes-Urinary support

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Herbal Supplement Range

Rasayan Churna- Amla-Guduchui-Gokshur-100g Pouch Immunity-Eyes-Urinary support

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RASAYAN CHURNA - amla-gal-gokshur complex-food supplement :

A celebrated Ayurvedic herbal rejuvenating formula for over 3000  years!- now brought to you only by Pavilion Ayurveda. It is a formulation of three rejuvenating herbs- Amla- Indian Gooseberry- Emblica Officinale, Tribulus terrestris- Gokshur, Guduchi-Galp- Tinospora Cordifolia, 

INGREDIENTS: Rasayan Powder formula is made up the three powerful rejuvenating herbs in equal proportions -URINARY SUPORT, MALE FERTILITY AND LIBIDO, MUSCLE RECIVERY, ANTI INFLAMMATORY, DIABETES SUPPORT, SKIN HEALTH, EYE HEALTH

AMLA- Indian Gooseberry richest source of Vitamin C-

- Tissue healing

- anti ageing

-immunity booster, -

- detoxifying

- anti viral,

- anti acid  and gut health 

GUDUCHI- tinospora cordifolia- also called Amrita or Elixir because of its multiple health benefits :

- immunity modulator- 

- anti inflammatory,

- blood sugar control 

- liver health 

- skin disorders and autoimmune conditions,  

GOKSHUR- tribulus terrestris - a urinary and hormone balance support herb both for men and women.

  • Supports male health 
  • Enhances sports performance
  • Mood-enhancing benefits

RASAYAN  means Rejuvenator in Ayurvedic medicine- it is the "GO TO"  Ayurvedic formula prescribed by most Ayurvedic physicians for supporting our immune system, eye health and urinary/prostate/bladder health and anti geing effect, libido and sexual health among other health beneifits.

PACK:  100g pure Powder in a Grip anf Seal pouch

1005 NATURAL  100% VEGAN

100% Pure Herbs verified, blended into  fine powder - NO ADDITIVES or Preservatives, non-GMO

INSTRUCTIONS: one flat teaspoon 1-1.5 g once or twice a day in 250ml hot water, add fresh lemon and honey and enjoy the magic! each 1 g gives you approximately 300 mg of each herb. Take for 2-3 weeks then take a break of 1 week,  then repeat periodically.

Allergen Warnings: Please check any allergy to ingredients before taking this.

Not suitable for Pregnant women and children under 16 years.

If you suffer from medical conditions or you are taking medication, please seek medical advice before taking Rasayan Churna. 

Side effects- recent modern studies show that Rasayan churna is well tolerated. No serious side effects have been reported from taking recommended dose . DO NOT EXCEED RECOMMENDED DOSE. DO NOT TAKE WITH OTHER MEDICATION. INTERACTION WITH MODERN MEDICINE NOT KNOWN.


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