Functional Herbal Tea Range

Premium Organic Tulsi Yoga Loose Tea Blend 75g

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Functional Herbal Tea Range

Premium Organic Tulsi Yoga Loose Tea Blend 75g

Regular price £8.50
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Pavilion Tulsi Yoga tea is a unique powerful yet gentle recipe from Pavilion Ayurveda which will Lift your spirit with this delicious natural blend of highest quality organic herbs from around the world. We have selected two varieties of Indian Tulsi holy basil and chamomile, rose, hibiscus petals, liquorice, and lemon verbena to give Tulsi Yoga a divine feel. 

One of the most beautiful experiences you will have is drinking this tea is a warm comforting feeling and calm emotional balance. 

In these pockets of natural wonder, you will experience a calming and spiritually uplifting tea blend of chamomile and Indian Tulsi holy basil, which has been a spiritual herb for centuries, known for its healthy properties helping to maintain vitality and a resistance to stress. It is said to help circulation, and boost immunity, specially opening your sinuses and breathing channels.  

How best enjoyed

Release the goodness of these incredible blended herb mix by infusing one teaspoonful 2g - in freshly boiled 250ml - one glass of water for at least 5 minutes.

Relax and Enjoy your "Me Time" drinking Tulsi Yoga Tea!


Dark holy basil, light holy basil, chamomile, liquorice, lemon verbena, hibiscus and rose petals.

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Key benefits

This tea has a calming effect  on THE MIND AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH and helps to maintain vitality and a resistance to stress. Holy Basil has multiple health benifits like helping respiration, calming the mind , boosting immunity, helping digestion, emotional balance and Spiritual uplift , positive mood . It is packed with antioxidants which help with skin health as well as cleansing the free radicles in the blood.  


- 75g whole cut high quality Organic pure herb loose blend tea you will relish
- 100% Organic- 100% Natural and Vegan
- free from artificial flavours, sweetners or preservatives, non GMO.

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