Functional Herbal Tea Range

Premium Organic Detox Loose Tea Blend 75g

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Functional Herbal Tea Range

Premium Organic Detox Loose Tea Blend 75g

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Our unique Detox formula clevelry blended will cleanse your body daily to prevemnt accumulation of toxins free radicals  and inflammation. You can take Turmeric latte  or turmeric capsules , Amla tablets and trifala tablets for synergistic boosting of detox and immunity.

According to Ayurveda all disease starts with AMA or toxin buildup which is damaging to our liver, gut and blood. According to Ayurveda Ama Pachan- digesting and  detoxifying the Toxin buildup in the body regulalry is essential to prevention of disease and slowing down ageing. According to modern medicine , FREE RADICALS ACCUMULATE IN THE BODY and can cause disease and fsat ageing . Turmeric ,  Amla Indian gooseberry Ginger and Green Tea  are  packed with antioxidants and natural phyto chemicals  to make this combination the most powerful yet gentle herbal tea to  detoxifying your body , supporting a healthy  wellbeing .

It is essential to detox our system periodically. In  these pockets of natural wonder you will experience the natural antioxidant effects of the turmeric root which has been used by Indian people for centuries. Combining these effects with green tea and the Indian gooseberry helps give the tea a natural cleansing ‘detox’ effect.

How best enjoyed

Release the goodness of these incredible blended herb mix by infusing i one teaspoon of Detox teablend n  250 -300 ml freshly boiled water for at least 5  - 10 minutes.


Green tea, turmeric root, fennel, Indian gooseberry (amla), dandelion leaf, ginger, lemon peel and black pepper.

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Key benefits

The effects of the turmeric, green tea and amla Indian gooseberry supports detoxification and cleansing of the body. It's full of antioxidants.


-  15 biodegradable PLA Pyramid Tea bags.
-  100% Organic.

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