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Jatamansi Brahmi Shankhpushpi Co. Powder (100g) POUCH

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Herbal Supplement Range

Jatamansi Brahmi Shankhpushpi Co. Powder (100g) POUCH

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PAVILION SLEEPWELL  FOOD SUPPLEMENT - Jatamansi-Brahmi -Shakhpushpi Co.  Powder  is based on centuries of Ayurvedic Natural Traditional  Health system, now gaining recognition being proven by modern research worldwide. 

There is firm evidence of the ingredient herbs  and supplements that have been shown in modern research to calm the mind - for example Shankhpushpi floer is like  chamomile flowers, , support peaceful sleep, memory and concnetration, learning nd indirectly also support normal blood pressure.


In the Indian sub-continent and South East Asia people drink a sherbet made of these three herbs, Jatamansi,-Indian Spikenard, Brahmi -bacopa monieri,- Indian Pennywort, and Shankhpushpi-convolvulus pluricaulis- Morning GLory -  to cool down in the summer heat, but also to support their sleeping pattern in the hot weather. These herbs are harvested from river side and woods as wild crafted by local communities in all parts of INdia. 

This unique mix of herbs have powerful qualities which help our bodies manage the impacts of stress and anxiety which disrupt our inner balance, emotional levels and quality of sleep.

Our highly experienced Herb Gurus and professional formulation team, have combined these three vital herbs with holy basil, also well for its health properties and spiritual qualities, to make a powder that helps re-balance us, soothe our emotions and relax the mind ultimately so we can drift off easily and have a peaceful slepp, wake up refreshed and energised in the morning!

How to take

Add one teaspoon to one glass or mug  - about  240-300ml of freshly boiled hot water and stir well. Infuse for 5-10 minutes . Add a teaspoon of honey or a bit of date syrup or malple syrup, and a touch of lemon (optional) to enhance taste. 

Jatamansi iIndian Spikenard root is an aromatic herb with its own sweetish aroma.


Jatamansi (Indian spikenard), Brahmi (bacopa monieri or centella asiatica), shankhpushpi flowers, tulsi holy basil, coconut powder and nutmeg.

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Key benefits

Jatamansi (Indian spikenard) is a prized flower in ancient history and religious settings, spikenard is used to lift a mood, to calm or relieve stress and anxiety.

Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri) s- Indian Pennywort- upports normal memory, aids concentration , memory, calms th emind, and overall mind health whilst promoting normal sleep.

Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) is a potent memory booster and brain tonic that actively works to improve intelligence and functioning of the brain, also calms the mind and supports blood pressure.

Tulsi holy basil is warming to the heart and balances emotions, calms the mind ain anxious times - supporting normal sleep. It boosts immunity and is helpful in colds and flus.

Coocnut provides omega oils and NUTMEG is flavourful, cooling and supports drifitng off to sleep. 


Composition and Packing 

100g powder  in Grip and Seal Stand Up Pouch

Recycleable, and Food Grade , BPA free lining safe non toxic.


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Keeping it Sustainable

Our products are all-natural and/or organic, vegan and safe for the entire family. Housed in violet glass bottles, recyclable card cartons, recycled and/or recyclable plastic and reusable tin caddies.   

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