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Weightloss - Charantia Fenugreek compund powder 100g

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Pavilion Ayurveda

Weightloss - Charantia Fenugreek compund powder 100g

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PAVILION DIABESE FOOD SUPPLEMENT -Pavilion Charantia and Fenugreek compound powder is a powerful food supplement to support normal glucose control and weight loss,  always to be taken along side a healthy exercise programme, lifestyle and healthy well balanced diet.

Charantia or bitter gourd is a popular bitter vegetable eaten as a curry or as a juice drink to maintain overall wellbeing in the body. The natural nutraceuticals found in Charantia- Charantin and momordin alkaloids- help support the immune system to fight infections, weight loss and help manage your blood sugar levels naturally. Research suggests they may help with peripheral utilisation of glucose and stimulating glucose metabolism, and mobilising fat.. It is also used to balance the Kapha Dosha. 

Fenugreek seed are well known to support weight loss management as well as manage blood sugar levels. 

Other supporting herbs like turmeric and cinnamon also help as antioxidants  and digestives for healthy  gut microbiomes.

How to take

Food supplement must be taken food supplement must be taken alongside a healthy diet an lifestyle, and never replace it.

Mix half to one flat teaspoonful freshly boiled hot water-  300 ml. Stir well and infuse for 5-10 minutes.

Squeeze a slice of lemon or add fruit juice to add natural  vitamin c to taste and drink slowly. Best taken after a meal-  drink once or twice a day after main meal.  

Monitor your blood glucose as this potent herbal food supplement can reduce your blood sugar level. Add half to one teaspoon of honey to balance your glucose level.

100g lasts up to 4-6 weeks


Turmeric-curcuma longa, Charantia  momordica- Karela or Bitter Gourd), Fenugreek- feniculum vulgare, Jamun-Indian blackberry Java Plum seed, Fennel and cardamom,  powder, cinnamon.

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Key benefits

Charantia ,Fenugreek , Gudmar and Jamun-ava Plum are eaten in Asia and Africa in order  to support weight loss and help manage your blood sugar levels naturally.

Several research studies have shown that these four herbs along with cinnamon spice support normal blood glucose level and also  is also used to balance the Kapha Dosha. 

Additionally, turmeric is a powerful antioxidant and anti inflammatory so that  this miracle spice can help reduce the inflammation in the body. 

Beware of hypoglycaemia after taking this mixture as your sugar levels can drop, specially if you  have diabetes,  or you are taking medication for diabetes.


-  Do not exceed recommended dose
-  Beware hypoglycaemia- low sugar level- keep a sweet or biscuit handy and have it if you feel light headed or faint.
-  Do not take this supplement if you are pregnant.
-  Seek medical advice before use if you suffer from a medical condition, you are diabetic or taking medication .

Keep out of reach of children.

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.

Keep packet sealed between use to avoid contamination and preserve shelf life.


Composition and Packing

100g multiple herb powder blend in a premium dark violet glass jar with seal and screw lid. Dark glass preserves shelf life and prevents sunlight from degrading the product

Recycleable Reusable food grade  Glass Jar with BPA free lining. PLEASE REUSE OR RECYCLE.

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Keeping it Sustainable

Our products are all-natural and/or organic, vegan and safe for the entire family. Housed in violet glass bottles, recyclable card cartons, recycled and/or recyclable plastic and reusable tin caddies.   

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