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Chyawanprash Vitality Multiherb Jam- VEGETARIAN- 400g Premium Glass Jar

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Herbal Superfood Range

Chyawanprash Vitality Multiherb Jam- VEGETARIAN- 400g Premium Glass Jar

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Chyawanprash Amla Indian Gooseberry preserve is your ultimate complete daily Rejuvenator. It is made from fresh Indian Gooseberry pulp and 26 rejuvenating herbs and spices like turmeric, guduchi, piper longum,  packed with  Vitamin C, Antioxidants, Phenolic compounds and fibre- 'Energy for life' from the first preservative free natural Indian Gooseberry herbal preserve, bursting with natural antioxidants and nutrients. A closely guarded secret for 5000 years, the jam is the result of an authentic process of mixing fresh Indian Gooseberry pulp sequentially with 32 herbs and spices preserved in raw cane sugar.


Chyawanprash is a true superfood, celebrated for centuries in INdia for its anti-ageing properties, multiple health benifits like immunity boost, recovery after illness, childens -  adults and elders vitality, energy boosting tonic, endurance.

We recoend you take it with ashwagandha and Turmeric for a complete daily rejuvenation and wellbeing

How best enjoyed

-  Take one teaspoonful once or twice a day. Eat straight off the spoon or spread on  toast , healthy tice, rye or oat biscuits.

  • You can also make a delicious herbal drink by stirring quarter spoon Pavilion Ayurveda Chyawanprash in a cup of hot water. And a teaspoon of honey to taste.
  • A very good winter tonic that can soothe sore throats and help with respiratory    support.


Note: The main ingredient is Amla fruit - Indian gooseberry, other herbs can vary according to brand and seasonal availability.

Unrefined cane sugar, Amla Indian gooseberry, grapes-vitis vinifera, winter melon, white turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, piper longum, lotus flower, sandalwood, nut grass, dasmool-ten roots, phyllanthus niruri, desmodium gigantum, uraria picta, pistacia, jivanti, aquillaria, meda, punarnava, sida cordifolia, kakoli, aghedo, guduchi-tinospora cordifolia, ghee for saute( vegetarian version).  

Our Vegan Chyawanprash is made with Sesame seed oil.

To see ingredients and their health properties click here

Key benefits

  1. Immnity booster
  2. Anti ageing 
  3. Anti oxidant 
  4. Energy boost 
  5. Sports endurance 
  6. healing after illness
  7. Vitality
  8. appetite booster
  9. weight gain in people who need to.
  10. Respiratory and throat soothing support
  11. Voice  - singers

The multiple health benefits of Chyawanprash are attributed to multiple antioxidants found naturally in the herb ingredients like curcuminoids, flavones and polyphenols and tannins  like Gallic acid, Fibre, and Vitamin C among other minerals and iron. Amla is incredibly high in tannin compounds and has 20 times more concentrated Vitamin C than an orange and so has an exceptionally high antioxidant content, which makes it a particularly useful herb for supporting gentle cleansing, detoxification, and healthy elimination. Other health benefits of Amla include balancing pitta and releasing excess heat from the body.


  • 400gsm in Premium glass container and metal lid.

zero plastic. 

Vegetarian version sauted in Ghee.

Vegan Version( sauted  in sesame seed oil

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