Brahmi Taila Oil (300ml)

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Brahmi Taila Oil (300ml)

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Brahmi Oil is an oil from the ayurvedic tradition of India that supports anti ageing, scalp and hair growth, calming and concentration and the mind as well as it may support collagen formation in the skin. 

Pavilion brahmi oil is made from pure premium first press sesame oil infused with a decoction of brahmi- called centella asiatica, also known as gotu kola and also  and bacopa (bacopa monnieri-a species of Brahmi.. The anti ageing skin  healing qualities of these remarkable herbs combine with the soothing properties of the oil for balanced effects. Brahmi balances Pitta and is a cooling oil.

How to apply

Take a generous amount in the centre of your palm, rub the palms together and apply the oil all over the scalp. Add a second 5 -10ml of oil if needed for dry scalp, Hold your right or left palm firmly over the crown of your head – called the Sahasra chakra -the thousand petal lotus- for higher consciousness), Now massage firmly backwards and forwards- and breathe deeply in and out.  

Now, with your fingertips, massage your scalp in circular motions. Work your fingertips rhythmically and gently or with a gentle pressure from the top of the head outward towards your ears and the base of your skull (where your neck begins). Use your thumbs for the back of the head for better pressure. Work the finger tips from the front hairline over the forehead backwards. Massage the temples with your finger tips- this is the tension release Marma point - acupressure points.

Finally run your fingers and palms from front to back of the head, take long deep breaths and close your eyes and relax for a few minutes.

You can leave the oil in for 1-2 hours then wash the hair with mild  shampoo.


Sesame oil, brahmi (centella asiatica) and bacopa (bacopa monnieri).

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Key benefits

Used topically, Pavilion Brahmi Oil penetrates deep into the skin , scalp and hair follicles and tissues to restore healthy scalp and skin, hair growth and collagen,  help you relax, revitalize and refresh. It supports clarity in the mind while promoting alertness and mental function, specially enhanced function when you take the Brahmi MInd Strength tablets as a Supplement too. The oil is widely used as a de-stresser to enhance meditation and support sound sleep.


-  300ml natural Sesame seed oil and extract of Bacopa Monieri/Centella Asiatica whole plant- Ayurvedic Herbal Aromatherapy Oil in a recyclable aluminum bottle and lid. 

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