Rise and Shine with the morning Ritual of Ayurveda

Would you like to know how thousands of people rise and shine in the morning by using the Ayurvedic morning routine?

In this blog we will share with you five things you can do to kick start your day. Here is how we can start living again.

According to Ayurveda the mind, body and senses come together and create vibrations in our life, which lead to stress. We have the power to train our mind to maintain our equilibrium.

Many people are motivated to use Yoga and meditation in their daily routine, called Dincharya according to Ayurvedic principles, which helps them structure their daily activities for healthy productive life.

So how can we do it?

Here are our tips on your daily Morning Ritual, to improve your wellbeing. Your morning ritual sets the scene to give yourself the best chance to go through the day with a calm mind. Start your day with waking up around 6 to 7 am after a good 8 hour sleep. Ayurveda calls this time the Brahma muhurat - the Cosmic Energy Time.

Cleanse your internal body

Drink a glass of warm water on waking up. This helps to achieve a good bowel evacuation in the morning every day to cleanse the internal body. To facilitate this, Trifala taken the previous evening is great for bowel and body detox.

Ayurvedic oral hygiene ritual

After brushing your teeth, tongue scrapping, using an appropriate tongue scraper, is recommended for removing the Ama or toxic layer from the surface of your tongue. Gargle with warm salt water. This helps to maintain moisture and clean the oral cavity.

Head and face massage

Give yourself a brief head and face massage with a warming Vata Balance Oil for 3 minutes to stimulate your energy and clear the head. Use firm strokes.  

Yoga and Meditation

Ideally, sit down in a comfortable place in a lotus - squatting posture, or comfortably in a chair. Start with slow, deep breathing leading to Pranayama - alternate nostril breathing, for 5 – 10 minutes. This stimulates our energy system and sets your mind to a calm balanced state. Now do your meditation. Close your eyes gently, and still your mind by focussing your attention on your breath as it enters and leaves your nostrils. Enjoy the blissful silence for about 20 minutes.

“Be still, and enter the stupendous silence”- Swami Sivananda.

Then slowly get up do your Yoga stretching exercise for 10 – 15 minutes.

Nourish your body

Have a good breakfast which provides you with the right nutrients with high fibre along with a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, easily digestible, according to your body type and dosha. Drink a warming Kapha balance tea, or a spice Chai tea with your breakfast around 8 o’clock.


With this Ayurvedic morning ritual, you are ready and energised with a calm mind to enjoy your day ahead of you. You will be able to preserve and use your precious energy to be productive, with the right balance.

When you make these Ayurvedic principles part of your routine, you will experience the beautiful change in your wellbeing.

After practising these techniques for a few days, it will automatically become your natural daily ritual.

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