How to build your immunity and have a great day?

High immunity is the key to feeling strong

Have you ever wondered how so many people maintain their strong immunity to infection and continue to enjoy great wellbeing? Would you like to find out how you could also maintain your strong resistance to infection, on a daily basis and enjoy a great day at work, home or outdoors?

In this blog we will share with you some practical tips from Ayurveda to help you recreate your perfect health and immunity so that you can prevent and fight off infections with inner healing! How do you choose a simple regular daily routine to ensure a robust immune system?

What is your immune system?

Ayurveda defines immunity as “Vyadhi Khsamatva” or “tolerance to disease”. According to Ayurveda, the essence of all immunity or inner strength, is called Ojas or Bala.

Your immune system contains many different components that help you fight or prevent infections. According to modern physiology, it includes different types of blood cells that communicate with each other via signalling molecules, known as cytokines.

When germs like bacteria, viruses and fungi come into contact with the external or internal surface of the body, your white cells gear up to boot them out, or kill them by producing antibodies, engulfing them or producing antibodies. It also involves organs like thymus, spleen, bone marrow, lymph nodes and the lymphatic system.

Therefore, we need to keep our inner body communication channels sharp and clear and our organs strong and healthy! These channels are called Shrotas and Nadis in Ayurveda.

As the immune response is a complex phenomenon which involves the whole nervous system, chemical signals and blood cells, it makes sense that we should follow a holistic healthy routine in our daily life.

Immune response, and healing go hand in hand simultaneously. This is where Rasayan herbs and foods also play a major therapeutic role, working at a cellular level.

How can we do this?

What should we consider first in your holistic daily regime?

Firstly, Lord Atreya in Charak Samhita states that external factors such as polluted and unwholesome Air, Water, Food, Place and Time can have an impact on our immunity and cause disease irrespective of Dosha and Prakriti.  

Therefore, we should ensure that we breathe good quality clean air, drink clean water, eat wholesome food, live in a clean environment.

Here are 7 tips to practice everyday to build a strong immune system

Ahar - foods with Ojas (immunity) building potency:

Create your healthy nutritional diet plan according to your body type and follow the rules of healthy eating.  Include foods that build your immune system- this means you need a good amount of Protein, Vitamins and minerals.  

The best Ojas building foods are Milk, Ghee, Cheese, (meat, fish, eggs if you are non-vegetarian), honey, Fruits, nuts - Almonds, Lentils, beans and Grains.  Ginger and black pepper (Ginger pick me up link) and spices used in cooking help circulation, digestion and energy production.

Vihar - healthy lifestyle techniques for a healthy immune system:

Pranayama, Yoga and Meditation are essential daily rituals to maintain a healthy immune system which helps to restore a restful mind, rebalance, and stimulate the Brain, co-ordinate the six Chakras (nervous system hubs) and Nadis - the channels of transport and bio-signalling. (Instagram link)

Vyayam: yoga exercise ritual

Establish a daily Yoga exercise routine of 30 minutes to 1 hour. Walking in fresh air outdoors is also helpful. Ayurveda says that doing exercise to 50% of our capacity builds our immunity. Excessive exercise may drain us.

Surya namaskar, a combination of 12 postures in one exercise cycle, has been shown to improve immune cell response and improves cardiovascular health.

Pranayam:  breathing ritual

Pranayam Deep Breathing exercise enhances our immune response and white cells in the blood as well as the nerve signalling response to infection. Regular proper breathing improves oxygenation in the blood and good circulation.

Modern research shows that Pranayam breathing regulates the autonomic nervous system which in turn co-ordinates the functions of our organs like liver, blood and lungs which play a role in immune response.

If we practice taking deep slow rhythmic breaths in and out with correct movement of the ribcage and abdominal wall, as well as practice alternate breathing technique.  

Dhyan – meditation:

Set aside a time regularly in the day, either in the morning when you wake up early, or after work, to wind down with meditation. This allows our inner body systems to reset and coordinate the various immunity processes and other functions.

Sleep - a good undisturbed regular sleep pattern is essential for the mind (Blissful sleep Link) to assess and restore normal function, immune system and repair damaged DNA.

Aachar - healthy conduct in life - good actions promote healthy immunity

Ayurveda says a Happy Soul is a Healthy body.

Developing a happy, blissful and compassionate mind set is said to heal our inner body and increase our immunity through the subtle energy channels.  We may be aware on how mental health issues, low moods and depression knock our immune system and as a result one can be prone to suffer from recurrent infections.

Rasayan herbs - rejuvenating immunity builders.

Several powerful immunity building herbs and herbo-mineral preparations are well established in Ayurvedic practice.

Of all the herbs, the best and safe immunity boosters that are commonly available are:

  • Amla – Indian gooseberry, (Inner Healing Link)
  • Haritaki – terminalia Chebula (Body Cleanse)
  • Ashwagandha – withania somnifera,  (Stress Defence)
  • Brahmi – bacopa monieri , (Mind Strength)
  • Shatavari – asparagus racemosus (Ashwagandha, brahmi,Shatavari link)
  • Guduchi (Amrita – Elixir) - tinospora cordifolia,  
  • Tulsi Holy Basil (Ginger, Tulsi &Pipli Co.)
  • Turmeric (Morning Kick)
  • Pipli – long pepper (Ginger, Tulsi &Pipli Co.)
  • Amla – Indian gooseberry is probably the king of immunity boosters because of its very high content of stable Vitamin C, phenolic antioxidants and vitamins and minerals which boost immunity.
  • Chyawanprash needs a special mention. Made from fresh fruit of Amla and 26 rejuvenating herbs and spices, it has been shown to improve the T-Cell Lymphocyte immune function and production of antibody in response to infection. It has also been shown to promote healing of tissues during and after illness.
  • Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Shatavari are called Medhya Rasayan – Rejuvenators of higher intelligence. Both herbs been shown to protect our brain cells as well our body tissues from stressful factors and infection.
  • Pipli – long pepper is a special herb which promotes clear breathing, and improves oxygenation, blood circulation, and open the channels of transport of nutrients.


With a little bit of effort, you can create a healthy daily routine as we have described above and join the many people who have benefited by adopting this ritual. We believe that this will help you to maintain your wellbeing and build strong immunity.

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